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The 10 Biggest Things To Teach Your Kids About Guns

For adults, simply saying “treat any gun as though it is always loaded” can be enough to ensure they handle guns safely. When it comes to kids, the story is a little different. Curiosity can sometimes take over and cause them to act without thinking. Just remember, you can keep your …

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You Have to Check Out This Giant Wooden AK-47 Replica

You have to see what Instagramer, ak47shooter, has been working on lately. Apparently, his hobby is building large scale replicas of firearms you know and love entirely out of pallet wood. Scrolling his Instagram account, you’ll see he’s built a giant Glock, Revolver, and his latest creation: Can you guess …

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Tested: Kriss USA Vector Gen II CRB

A prime example of form following function, the Kriss USA Vector is a pistol-caliber carbine built around its unorthodox, but innovative, operating system. Devised in Europe but built in Chesapeake, Va., the Vector platform’s Super V recoil-mitigation system was designed from the outset with the goal of shooting rapidly with …

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19 Unlucky Souls Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

So you think you are having a bad day? Things aren’t going too well for ya there are they now? Well stop your complaining, these 19 people are having a way worse day than you are. And who said other people’s misery can’t make your own better? Enjoy.  

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You Don’t Want To Miss 15 Photos Of A Disaster In Action!

Usually when something happens and you’re telling your friends, it’s followed by, “You had to be there I guess,” which is annoying because our story was great, okay?! The truth is that most of the time, they’ll never truly get it. These perfectly timed photos make that annoying problem irrelevant …

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