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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles. One shot, one kill, the sniper model. Sniper teams operate with little combat support from their parent units and they specialize on using high precision rifles reaching long-range marksmanship. Although the U.S. wasn’t the first country to develop sniping as a formalized military skill, the U.S. is currently …

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Picking your First 22 Rifle

Picking your 1st 22 Rifle What should I buy? Should I get a .22 rifle or a 30-06? Well if you don’t know how to use a .22 rifle then I would not recommend getting a 30-06. The first rifle you should get is a .22 rifle. It is the …

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Top 10 Predator Calibers of All Time

On a whitetail hunt at the JL Bar Ranch in Texas two years ago, I tagged out early and my guide asked if I was interested in spending the remaining mornings and evenings calling gray fox on the far side of the ranch. The cover was thick over there, he …

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SHTF Guns on a Budget

A few days ago, a guy at work came up to me and asked me for a bit of firearms help. He told me he’d saved about $1000, and was looking to get a handgun and a long gun plus a few accessories to set himself up for a SHTF …

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