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Best Places to Buy Ammo Online 2017

So many online ammo websites, right? Find out the best places to buy ammunition online from our own positive experiences and fails. Also learn about online ammo buying restrictions as well as recommended brands, types of bullets to buy, and what is a “good” price. Bunch of Ammo Can’t wait …

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15 Girls Without A Shred Of Shame

So you think women have to always be prim and proper? Nah, this is the 21stcentury and women have no shits to give about maintaining certain image. They are brash, they cuss like sailors and don’t really mind bringing a few laughs from their unruly behavior. Here are 10 girls …

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These 16 Pictures Will Prove That There Are 2 Types Of Girls

We all know there aren’t only two types of girls in this world. Just like there aren’t only two types of guys, or dogs, or even peanut M&M’s. THAT BEING SAID, in the name of humor and empathy here’s a list of the “two types of women” all women can …

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These Pictures Show How These Girls Night Out Went Horribly Wrong

Night outs mean being fond of night life which most of the people do. Especially the younger generation love to go or plan for night outs. Night outs sounds awesome and crazy. We all plan night outs with our friend’s, family or our loved ones. We experience all the crazy …

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When Bad Holsters Turn Worse: This Guy Took One Right In The A$$, Here’s Why A Proper Holster Is Essential

Editor’s Note: Many have been asking what ammunition was being carried at the time of the incident to make such a big hole. The answer: Speer Gold Dot 9mm 115 grain +P+ One of our newest writers, Erin, noticed a post in a group on Facebook and asked me if …

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Handgun Reviews: Smith and Wesson M28

The Smith and Wesson M28 is the best bargain among the numerous S&W range of handguns. If you are you looking for a powerful revolver that can handle heavy bullets with great accuracy, this is it! Smith and Wesson M28 | The Highway Patrolman The Smith and Wesson M28 was …

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