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Let’s Settle This Once And For All. Curvy Girls Vs Tight & Toned?

Do you prefer curvy women who have a little extra meat on their bones? Or are you into a more petite girl who keeps it tight and watches the calorie count? Check out some inspiration and then vote for which one is your favorite. This is the stuff that helps us …

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It’s Summer Time In Brazil

If you’re dreaming of a sunny beaches, warm and crystal clear water with white sandy beaches filled with beautiful girls, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil just might what you’re looking for. It’s Summer in Brazil during the months of December, January and February making it the ideal time to get the …

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Difference Between Gun Magazine vs Clip

One of the most often misused terms are gun magazines versus clips.  It boils down to what feeds what. Magazine vs Clip A magazine feeds the gun, while a clip feeds the magazine. Clips make loading multiple rounds into a magazine easier.  And sometimes you have to use the clip for …

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My dad taught me how to shoot, and we enjoyed the time together. Whether we were in the truck heading out to our favorite shooting spot or blazing away at a row of soup cans, I cherish those memories. Many rifles and a handful of shotguns rode in the truck …

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New Compact Carry Guns

Not every gun owner can comfortably pack a full-sized pistol for everyday carry. Differences in climate, body shape/physical condition, skill level and hand size can all influence what type of pistol is right for them. Below is a collection of compact carry pistols seen at the 2017 SHOT Show that, …

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Top 1911 Guns for 2017

Model 1911 fans like me are in for an exciting year. A bunch of new 1911s were unveiled at this year’s SHOT Show and include everything from snub-nose micro models to long slides with wide-body frames. Caliber offerings range from .22 LR through 9mm and 10mm to .45 ACP. After …

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