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10 Terrifying Cases of Demonic Possession

Are demons real? Though evil spirits possessing the body of a hapless human victim seems like the stuff of science fiction, the possibility of being possessed by demons is, in fact, a common belief held by religions around the world. Even the Christian Bible alludes to demonic possession more than …

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5 Best Home Defense Tactical Shotguns of 2017

At this moment I have a safe full of nice and expensive rifles and handguns.  But…it is a shotgun that sits by the bed. Why? Because, per trigger pull, it delivers the most terminally devastating payload possible from a controllable, shoulder fired firearm. When it comes to home defense we …

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7 Best Handguns for Women in 2017

You’re here either because you’re trying to figure out the best gun to buy for yourself, or the best gun to buy for your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mom. If you’re shopping for yourself, read on!  I have lots of advice for you. But if you’re looking to buy for …

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