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Whale Tails In The Wild!

If you’re not familiar, a whale tail is the back of a girls thong peeking out from her jeans, short, yoga pants… whatever. It’s hot as fuck being able to see a peek of a hot girls thong out in the open like that! Let’s see those whale tails ladies!

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Tested: Henry Lever-Action Rare Carbine .410 Bore

Henry Repeating Arms has kept its customers happy at the range and in the field with a diverse selection of rimfire and pistol-caliber lever-action rifles for some time now. But this year, the company is implementing an “outside-the-box” series shake up with several brand new offerings including the rifle-caliber Long …

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Tested: Nighthawk Custom Hi Power

Fabrique Nationale’s classic pistol is the High Power, first offered in 1935 and still in production (under the name Hi Power) in Belgium and Portugal. Licensed copies have been made in other plants, and unauthorized copies are sometimes encountered. During some 80-plus years of serial production, little of consequence has …

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