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9 Best Hunting Handguns Right Now

Often overlooked, handguns have just as much a place in a hunter’s gear as any other lead thrower out there. Whether used for varmint control, taking large game or as a sidearm in bear country, pistols are certainly capable of packing some serious firepower in a small package. Though the …

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19 Snapchats You’ll Want To Screenshot

Snapchat has become a worldwide phenomenon. What started off as a safe way to send illicit messages has turned into an app used by millions of people. However, many people have not forgotten what the app was originally meant for. Check out these 19 Snapchats that you’ll definitely be itching to …

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Exploded View: SKS Carbine

The SKS is somewhat unusual in that, despite being widely encountered in the United States today, it had a relatively short and uneventful service life in Russia where it originated. Named Samozaryadnyj Karabin Simonova, or Simonov self-loading carbine, the SKS was designed by Sergei Simonov. It was adapted from his …

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A Look Back at the Smith & Wesson Model 24

In 1905, Smith & Wesson was riding high on its Hand Ejector Series of double-action revolvers featuring a swing-out cylinder, 10 years before the Hand Ejector had been perfected to the point of starting to manufacture these revolvers on the I- (.32 cal.) and K- (.38 cal.) frames. However, plans …

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22 Epic Cheerleader Fails That Are Too Good!

Every year athletes battle it out on the field to win the title of champion. Whether it’s high school players who are giving it their all in order to get that Ivy League school scholarship and avoid taking out hefty student loans for college tuition, or whether it’s professional athletes who …

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