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10 Inexpensive Military Vehicles You Could Actually Buy

So you like vehicles, especially cool ones that get people’s attention. Maybe you even collect them, and have a garage filled with classic cars. Maybe you even like military vehicles and have your eye on something to really impress your friends and neighbors. Well look no further. Are you interested in …

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Cheap and Easy AR Upgrade (Do-It-Yourself DuraCoat)

Our world is bursting with vibrant color, that is, until you walk into your local gun store. Sure, you’ll find the occasional snub nose with pink grips or maybe a gold-plated Desert Eagle, but as gun buyers we’ve become mostly pigeonholed into an uninspired color palette modeled closely after the …

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Dawn of the Red: Molot Vepr 12 Shotgun Review

The Vepr 12 manufactured at the Molot Oruzhie factory in Russia is a semi-automatic, box-fed magazine, 12-gauge shotgun that will rip, snort and tear through targets like a beast. There is nothing subtle about the Vepr 12. It was designed for self-defense, hunting, 3-Gun competitions, and any situation where you …

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5 Essentials for the Discerning AK Owner

Within the past few years, AKs have steadily become more popular in the United States. As such, the accessory and gear aftermarkets for the platform have also expanded. Whether it’s because the base guns themselves are more expensive or simply that shooters are developing a serious appreciation for Kalashnikovs, people …

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The 11 Best US States for Gun Owners

Gun laws can vary wildly from state to state. Depending on where you live, you might either be frustrated with your state’s iron-clad gun laws, or praising your lawmakers for standing up for your rights. Did your state make this list? We have ranked what is, in our opinion, the top …

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