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French Military Training Eagles To Kill Drones

For the past year, a military unit in France has trained golden eagles from chicks to adult to be single-purpose drone assassins. As noted in the above Euronews video, the birds were introduced to the remote control hobby copters at an early age and trained to view them as prey. …

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Tested: Kriss USA Vector Gen II CRB

A prime example of form following function, the Kriss USA Vector is a pistol-caliber carbine built around its unorthodox, but innovative, operating system. Devised in Europe but built in Chesapeake, Va., the Vector platform’s Super V recoil-mitigation system was designed from the outset with the goal of shooting rapidly with …

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The 15 most expensive houses for sale in America

When it comes to the most expensive homes in the US, there are only a handful of cities in the game. And behind each lavish listing is a rich and famous homeowner like Demi Moore, Tommy Hilfiger, or Steve Cohen.  Using data from Zillow and StreetEasy, part of Zillow Group, the …

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10 Terrifying Cases of Demonic Possession

Are demons real? Though evil spirits possessing the body of a hapless human victim seems like the stuff of science fiction, the possibility of being possessed by demons is, in fact, a common belief held by religions around the world. Even the Christian Bible alludes to demonic possession more than …

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Clapp on Handguns: The .40 Is a Better Choice Than The 9 mm

We have had the .40 S&W cartridge since 1990, roughly a quarter century of active service. Much of that service was in law enforcement, but many civilian handgunners have also cheerfully climbed aboard the medium-bore bandwagon. When it’s evaluated on the basis of actual field performance, the .40 out-performs its …

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The Best Dog Breeds for Home Security

Dogs have long been useful tools for protecting homes. Canines are loyal and benefit from training. Don’t underestimate how much training they need, either. You’ll want to ensure your dog is well grounded in tactics before letting them loose to protect you. Some breeds are faster learners than others. All …

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