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The Ultimate Russian Survival Rifle Sees Some Action

The Ultimate Russian Survival Rifle Sees Some Action – Credits to BigDaddyHoffman After visiting a gun shop and searching for something unique, these two lads are testing the Baikal IZH 94 chambered in 12ga and 7.63×39 double-barrel rifle. They are taking a close look at the weapon, naming it “The …

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(Scroll down for the video) The multi-purpose machine gun M60 was developed in the USA and is used by many armed forces. In the United States, has already been unsuccessfully tried in the Second World War to rebuild MG42 and switch to the shooting of the .30-06 Springfield Patrol. For …

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Folding Glock Puts a Full Sized Pistol in your Pocket

With so many sub compact .380 and 9mm pistols on the market, it seems like pocket pistols have never been more popular. Some shooters have experimented with customized gimmick in an attempt to make a full sized firearm more concealable. Take a look at this folding Glock for example. Would …

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Who said rifles and handguns should have all the fun? Introducing the Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor, the first commercially-viable shotgun silencer of its kind (according to Salvo). This level of innovation represents a significant advancement in after-market technology. The Salvo also offers a bit of modularity as well, enabling the …

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Micro Roni Stab: Best Glock Conversion

If you’ve ever looked into Glock conversions or stabilizers, you’ve probably seen the same options I have…and been a little unimpressed. The Micro Roni Stab is something of a hybrid between a Sig-style Pistol Brace and a true carbine conversion. Not to be confused with macaroni.. On display at Shot …

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