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Popular Dog Breeds Looked Like Before and After 100 Years

The famous actor Johnny Depp once said, “The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants”. We humans are in a race constantly trying to improve ourselves and everything around us. In this relentless quest, even “man’s best friend” the dog has not been …

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Pit Bull Rescues Little Girl Being Attacked By Labrador

The minute a pit bull puppy nips at someone’s ankles, it makes headlines about the pit bull being a dangerous breed. Pit Bull Rescues Little Girl and pit bulls aren’t always the aggressors. Sometimes, they’re the hero. One Florida girl can tell you that her pit bull didn’t attack her, …

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Kid Bodybuilder ‘Little Hercules’ Is Now A Man

He was the kind of kid who could go viral before the concept of “going viral” was still unclear — and it’s all thanks to his massive muscles and childish (as in, an actual child) charm. His name is Richard Sandrak, but you might remember him by the moniker “Little …

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World’s Top 10 MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds

Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for good reason. They are loyal and loving companions — most of the time. But any dog, given the right circumstances, can be dangerous — either to other dogs, pets of other species, livestock, or to humans. Some dogs, like the Great Dane or …

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