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Best Pocket Pistols For Self-Defense

We never know when evil will coming knocking on our door. Having a concealable pistol on your person can mean the difference between returning home to your loved ones or not, so choose your concealed carry pistol wisely. Determine the type of handgun, the caliber and how you will carry the pistol. Handle as many models as you can to find the one you can operate and shoot the best. Think of the dozen handguns on this list as carry-proven defense tools. All are proven performers and all have the ability to blend in with your everyday life so you will be ready if you should need it.

1. Beretta Nano

The Beretta Nano was designed with one goal in mind—to provide a powerful yet easy-to-use and concealable pistol for everyday carry. Chambered in 9mm and weighing only 19.8 ounces unloaded, the Nano has a small footprint but the power of a full-sized pistol with a 6+1 shot capacity. The Nano is only 5.6 inches long and less than an inch thick, so it is flat and small, making it easy to conceal. The DAO trigger offers a smooth, consistent press and the Nano is built with a modular polymer frame so it is easy to maintain.