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9 Best Dangerous Game Dream Guns Ever Made

If price is no object, you can’t do much better than these large-caliber dream guns for dangerous game hunting. I was raised in a household where money was tight; we never did without, nor were we unhappy, but there was little money for frivolity. My mother had, and still has, …

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Most Influential Handguns of All Time

We trace the lineage of today’s top pistols and revolvers to determine which firearms helped shape our modern conception of what a handgun should be. There are a wide variety of different handguns on the market today, everything from ultra-compact mini-revolvers to sophisticated semi-auto race guns. But if you look …

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5 Problems Concealed Carriers Face That Other People Don’t

I haven’t met a gun owner that’s bemoaned the fact he carries a gun. After all, it’s a voluntary thing. No one forces you to carry a gun. Every morning when you wake up, you make the conscious decision to be a law-abiding concealed carrier. That comes with added responsibilities. …

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Negligent Discharge at Range is a Friendly Reminder: Don’t Be This Guy

This video it’s an oldie from 2010, but still gets us every time we see it. It shows an instructor’s negligent discharge, captured in all it’s negligence on camera, and reminds us of how we can never forget just how important safety is. As if the ND wasn’t bad enough, …

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John Cena Experiences the Marine Corps Boot Camp

It was a special day on a provincial island of South Carolina’s Lowcountry coast when WWE Superstar and actor John Cena was put to a definitive test by a few of the United States’ most noteworthy heroes – the Marines. As the star of the WWE Films release, “The Marine,” …

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