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The 25 Hottest Women This Week

There were simply too many beautiful women in our posts this week to include in our Best Photos of the Week, so as a special treat, we’re breaking them out into their own weekly post. Enjoy… and you’re welcome.    

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Living the Dream

In America, we have a saying: The finer things in life. These are the things that most people talk about when they are speaking of thing of high quality. In fact, much of that which propels people to pursue success, particularly financial success, is the desire to participate in the …

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Meet the “Most Armed Man” in America

A GUN collector dubbed the Dragon Man has boasted he is the “most armed man in America” with more than 200 machine guns, tanks and bazookas to his name. Mel Bernstein, who earned his nickname thanks to his flamethrower-rigged motorbike, has given a tour inside his vast private military museum …

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US Air Force Names New Stealth Bomber as B21 Raider

The new B-21 “Raider” may be less practical however from numerous points of view a more secure option. Significant reason: the B-21, which is expected to enter service in the mid-2020s, is not a traveler plane. Actually, many people in the USA president’s company would likely have to sit in the …

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