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If you are the sort of guy who likes to have a disguised weapon some place around the house or office, then this .410 shotgun shoot quencher is precisely what you’ve generally needed. This shotgun, perfectly masked inside a shoot quencher, works incredible in the event of an alternate sort …

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Tactical Shooter Runs Into a Person During the Competition

The accompanying video transferred by Super-Tactical YouTube Channel ought to serve as a notice to any competitive shooter who ends up getting remiss in the security division. Before you watch, we’d like to remind perusers and viewers that game shooting is one of the most secure sports out there. The seriousness of …

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DEADLY FAST Russian Military Ka-52 Alligator Attack Helicopter

Ka-50 and the two-seat form Ka-52, are elite battle helicopters with day and night capacity, high survivability and shoot force, to thrashing air targets and vigorously heavily clad tanks furnished with air barrier weapons. It was intended to be little, quick and deft to enhance survivability and lethality. Broad all-round defensive …

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Firing a M60 Machine Gun in Ultra Slow Motion

The M60 machine gun has presented with unique excellence in each branch of the US military since its presentation in 1957. Measuring more than 20 pounds, the M60 and its variations are belt fed automatic weapons loaded in 7.62 NATO and fit for shooting somewhere around 500 and 650 rounds …

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8 Unusual Arm Exercises You Have To Try!

Building a set of killer arms takes more than standard barbell curls and triceps press-downs. Try these 8 unique arms exercises to blow your sleeves apart! So you want to increase your arm size by next month rather than next year? Great! I want you to do a few things: …

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