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The Most Awkward Boners You’ll Ever See

These poor men couldn’t hide their excitement for whatever reason and ended up with a boner at the most uncomfortable moments. Sadly for them the shame didn’t end there as someone managed to take a photo of this to make matters worse for them. Imagine getting their awkward boners out …

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Top 20 Next-Gen Piston-Driven ARs

Cleaner. Cooler. More reliable. These are just three advantages cited by people who prefer piston-driven rifles over direct-impingement guns. The Stoner-type direct impingement system traditionally used in the AR-15/M16 platform bleeds off propellant gas from the bore and directs it through a tube to the bolt carrier group, which then cycles …

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Clapp on Handguns: The .40 Is a Better Choice Than The 9 mm

We have had the .40 S&W cartridge since 1990, roughly a quarter century of active service. Much of that service was in law enforcement, but many civilian handgunners have also cheerfully climbed aboard the medium-bore bandwagon. When it’s evaluated on the basis of actual field performance, the .40 out-performs its …

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