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Top 5 Most Feared Special Forces In the World

In the the military world, maybe nobody amazes or steals our attention more than the special forces. On top of the “customary” military powers, most countries have a world class gathering of service members who are held to a higher standard of requirements and preparing. Some of these forces are …

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Bullet Setback: Is It A Myth? Why It’s Important To Rotate Your Chambered Round

Ease Up On The Upper Receiver Everyone likes that “clink-clunk” noise an upper receiver makes when it slams down on a round.  That said, the lighter you set down the upper receiver onto the round in the magazine, the lighter the impact on the cartridge casing.  If you’re at the …

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CDC: Bullets In Your Body Can Cause Lead Poisioning (And They Needed A Study To Determine This)

As a result of a study that was likely funded by the same person who spent over a hundred seventy thousand dollars watching monkeys gamble, the CDC has issued a new report about walking around with bullet fragments in your body. The verdict: they can cause lead poisoning. From CNN: …

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How Long Will Your Handgun Last?

If you’re preparing for the future alien invasion in 2517 A.D., you’re going to need guns. Lots of guns. But how long will your trusty handgun last under even the best conditions? Don’t worry, concealed carriers, we got you. If you want that gun ready to fight in five hundred …

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Selecting A Carry Gun: Advice For New Concealed Carriers

Many individuals are on the verge of choosing their first weapon for personal protection. Selecting a handgun is a demanding decision as the requirements for each individual are different. It is a highly personal choice. Handguns in particular are very individual. There is no one-size-fits-all. This article is intended to …

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