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WATCH: Russian Army Sings ‘Barbie Girl’

In the late 1990s, Will & Grace graced television screens in the United States, and on the other side of the world, a newly liberated Russian Republic was finding its place. In 1997 the larger-than-life former mayor of Moscow, Boris Yeltsin, was president of Russia. And the Russian Army, which …

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Newborn Baby Girl Having Her First Shampoo

This is an inspiring video. The newborn baby girl was having her first shampoo, and her peaceful expression and joy were all over her face. If you don’t know what relaxation is, watch her.  She fully enjoyed the experience – her fingers moved back and forth; her mouth half close …

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Watch: Loving Grandson Surprises His Grandpa In The Hospital Before Prom

A touching moment was captured on film after a teen heading to prom made a stop at Kindred Hospital Clear Lake in Webster, TX. Nicole Leon shared the video of her son taking time to see his hospitalized grandfather whom she says has never missed anything her son has done. …

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Giant Penis Sprays Confetti To Promote Safe Sex … Come Again?

When a man in a giant penis costume ejaculates confetti on people, you pay attention. But are you thinking about practicing safe sex? That’s the dilemma facing a wacky PSA in Norway to combat the increase in STDs there. “Penis can surprise you,” says the tagline in Norwegian. The PSA …

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Haircare Brand Syoss Sets Up a ‘Car Wash’ for Hair in Zurich

Two-Day Stunt Saw Consumers Washed and Dried by Machines This is one of the more unusual stunts we’ve seen: Swiss haircare brand Syoss managed to garner itself some publicity by setting up a “car wash” for hair in Zurich’s main railway station. As seen in the video, visitors (who all …

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Five Reasons to Visit the Beautiful Greek Island

Arguably Greece’s most beautiful island, Santorini is a mix of towering cliffs, inky waters and whitewashed villages. Perfect for a post-summer break. You’ve already avoided the crowds In around 1620BC, a huge eruption caused the centre of the southernmost Cyclades islands to collapse. The Aegean Sea came pouring into the …

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