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Wilson Combat EDC X9 by Larry Vickers

Wilson Combat’s EDC X9 expands the classic 1911’s great components, for example, its controls, ergonomics, and highly appreciated trigger. Few gun makers understand the American weapon proprietors’ lover for the 1911 than Wilson Combat, having produced them for more than 30 years. While not everybody will have about $3000 to …

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17 Selfies that Went Completely Wrong

99% percent of the time, selfies end up as dull reminders of someone’s narcissism. The other times though, something wonderful happens that transforms the mundane into the maniacal. Today, we celebrate those moments when selfies went hilariously wrong:

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Fake Camel Toe Underwear is Apparently The Latest Fashion Trend

For many women, a camel toe is considered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Certainly, no woman wants to be photographed in this awkwardly revealing state. Or so we thought. Apparently, some of them are fans of the camel toe underwear. The Online Slang Dictionary defines camel toe as “the visible cleft …

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Kimber Releases New Models of K6s Revolver

While designed for the utmost performance, there is another aspect shooters can expect with a Kimber firearm — aesthetics. The Younkers, N.Y., gunmaker has shown a knack for producing some of the most fetching 1911s on the market today. But a year ago, Kimber turned its trained eye on another …

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Smith and Wesson’s M&P Shield 9mm Gun Review

In the right hands, Smith and Wesson’s M&P Shield 9mm is a top contender for the standard in compact 9mm for everyday carry.  For most, simply shooting the Shield is going to result in carrying the Shield.  When Smith & Wesson released the Shield in 9mm and .40SW in 2012, …

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Clapp: The Case for Hammerless Revolvers

This is not really a new subject, but it is one that somehow falls through the cracks and needs to be relearned every 15 years or so. Since some of the material I am going to present is controversial, let’s understand that it is my opinion. I will not spend …

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