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Aftermarket Updates Every Glock Owner Needs

Image source: Pixabay.comThere really does seem to be a strange love/hate relationship between gun nuts and Glocks. For some reason, the brand is either avoided like a Christmas fruitcake, or it’s canonized into the “gospel” of all that is wonderful about handguns.

As for me, I do like Glocks for their sheer simplicity and reliability. If I can’t trust a handgun to take a round from magazine to impact every time I pull that trigger, then that weapon remains steadfastly, a safe queen. It’s true, Glocks certainly aren’t the most beautiful handguns on the market. But then, that’s probably going to be the last thing on my mind in a lethally defensive situation.

That’s why I’ll conceal carry a Glock 10 times out of 10. Hey, I’d rather live with an unattractive, plain-looking handgun, then have a homicide detective commenting on how my 1911’s custom grips are pretty sweet: “But too bad the poor guy’s safety is still on.”

However, I will say that Glocks are not totally exempt from imperfection. In fact, there are a few aftermarket updates that I’d suggest for Glock owners, even if there are only three of practical importance.