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Affordable Firepower: Guns To Buy If You’re On A Budget

Firearms and prices are a finicky beast. You have firearms that are a get-what-you-pay-for type. You have firearms where you pay more for the name than anything. Then you have firearms that are amazing deals. Often times, the latter class are surplus weapons from the World Wars. A Mosin, despite all its flaws, is still a great bargain.

Surplus weapons aren’t the only option though, and to be honest, not everyone is into surplus weapons. There are a lot of firearms manufacturers out there that make great weapons at a very affordable price. These firearms are most commonly clones or more popular models, but there are some great unique firearms. Some even made by well-known companies.

Bersa .380


The Bersa models of pistols have gained a small cult following. These .380s are excellent concealed carry weapons, very small, lightweight and user friendly. At a glance you can see some obvious Walther influence. The gun’s design is very sleek and very attractive. The ergonomics are great, with the controls all placed to be accessed by the thumb without any kind of strain or over-reaching action.

There’s a few different models. The regular takes magazines between 7 to 10 rounds and the Plus model has a double stack 15-round magazine. The weapon shoots very well, and the light .380 round is easy to handle. The DA (double action) trigger pull is a bit long, but smooth with little “bunching.” This is a great choice for concealed carry. You can pick one of these up for around $300 (new).