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ACR vs SCAR And Why The ACR Is Better!

The ACR vs the SCAR, which rifle is better ? Let’s find out!

The Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle is the production name for the updated version of the Adaptive Masada Combat Weapon System. In late January 2008, Bushmaster signed a licensing agreement with Magpul, where the former would take over the production, future development and sale of the Masada.

the Masada, it was a matter of making a weapon with the characteristics of the AR-15 ( M16). During the course of the investigations, things were found that were of taste and others that were not, at that time it became clear on the part of Magpul that the Masada should have the best characteristics of the best weapons in a single design. In an attempt to add to the AR-15 the characteristics of a possible next generation of weapons, problems were found that made this project unnecessarily difficult, very costly and with very low expectation. That is when, in March 2006, the project related to the AR-15 was canceled and started from scratch.

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