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6 Best Handguns For Hunting

Hunting with a handgun can be quite challenging and choosing the right handgun is important for the best chances of success. Read on to learn all about the 6 best handguns for hunting.

There are lots of great handguns on the market today. However, most of these handguns are designed for self-defense and target shooting, not for hunting. Fortunately, there are several manufacturers that specifically produce some high quality handguns for hunting.

When choosing the right handgun to take hunting, you need to carefully consider the conditions it will need to operate under on a hunt. A hunting handgun that is ideal for making a shot at a few yards (or feet) on a bayed-up hog or cougar might not work nearly as well when you need to make a 100-yard shot on a deer.

Regardless of which handgun you choose, make sure you spend lots of time at the range. Handgun hunting can be very challenging and even the best handguns for hunting are only as good as the hunters using them.

Ruger Redhawk & Super Redhawk

best handguns for hunting ruger redhawk

When it was first introduced in 1979, the Double Action/Single Action Ruger Redhawk took the market by storm. It featured a reinforced cylinder that was slightly longer than normal, which allowed shooters to safely use higher pressure loads than most other revolvers could handle. This reason, combined with reliability and accuracy displayed in these handguns, made the Redhawk extremely popular among hunters.

Current production Ruger Redhawk revolvers are chambered in .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, and .45 ACP with 2.75-inch, 4.2-inch, 5.5-inch, and 7.2-inch barrels. The Super Redhawk was introduced in 1987 and is even stronger in order to handle the more powerful .454 Casull and .480 Ruger cartridges that it is chambered in. The Super Redhawk is available with 2.5-inch, 5-inch, 7.5-inch, and 9.5-inch barrels.

The Redhawk and Super Redhawk come standard with adjustable iron sights, but a scope may be mounted if desired, giving the user a great deal of flexibility. All in all, the Redhawk and Super Redhawk are great choices for handgun hunters and have been used to cleanly take virtually every species of big game in the world, from deer to elephant.