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5 Reasons Why Dry Fire Practice Is Important

If Rome wasn’t built in a day, why would you expect to become a master sport shooter in a day, either?

It happens to all of us: that new firearm arrives and we go to the store to pick it up. Immediately, we run some fresh rounds through it at our favorite local gun range. We use it a few times, and then let it slowly collect dust until our next opportunity to head the range, which for most of us, is few and far between.

Visit the Cabela’s Firearms & Gun shops to satisfy your craving for a new firearm, or pick up targets to help your dry fire practice sessions indoors. Remember, you can always turn on your laser sight inside to help spot your aim!

Also, before attempting dry fire practice, follow all rules of shooter safety, including triple-checking that the barrel is clear. Also, rimfire rifles and pistols should never be dry fired because you can damage the firing pin.


1. Practice makes perfect



You wouldn’t expect to become an expert on the guitar in a single day, so why would you expect the same from your firearm skill set? By practicing with your new firearm, you’ll learn the feel and weight of it in your hands and start to learn the trigger. This will prevent flinching and uncertainty when you finally get the range.