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10 Worst Armies In The World Revealed!

#5. Nigeria

While Nigeria has the largest oil industry in Africa, its soldiers are ill-equipped. In fact, their armored cars don’t even move. One soldier told BBC: “Imagine men and you are fighting, we both have guns but while you are wearing a bullet proof vest, I’m carrying an umbrella”.


The government allocated only $1.7 billion budget in its efforts to upgrade the ageing Philippine Navy and Air Force. Lately, the Philippine Congress passed a bill amounting to $2 billion and nothing more. Needless to say, the country doesn’t seem to stand a chance against Chinese forces who are currently claiming areas and building islands close to it. The Philippines’ Naval and Air Forces are nearly 60 years old and most of its ill-equipped ships are old U.S. Coast Guard cutters, thanks to the rampant corruption in its Department of National Defense.

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