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10 Great Lasers for Your Concealed Carry Gun

With the astounding advances in laser technology over the past few decades, the ability to make these systems simultaneously smaller and yet more capable has changed the rules of the game on equipping them on pocket-sized concealed carry guns. For those of us who remember the earliest handgun lasers from the 1980s that would barely fit on a longslide 1911, this change is amazing.

Today, you can have efficient, lightweight and reasonably affordable systems that can fit on the smallest of pocket guns (and sometimes even have a light integrated as well). Read on to see a round up of 10 of the best choices available today for your concealed carry pocket gun.


ArmaLaser GTO FLX

Taking the amazing technology of a portable laser to the next level is the GTO FLX system from ArmaLaser. A human-touch-activated system, the GTO is a compact laser unit designed to fit on a Picatinny rail. It can be operated either by a finger-touch mode or (when equipped with the optional FLX system) a grip-touch mode. The FLX system employs an ultra-thin polymer strip that is adaptable to a wide range of pistols.