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10 Concealed Carry Handguns That Are Compact and Powerful

At this moment in time, small handguns offer people a great tactical advantage in several situations, and are also becoming a trend for both men and women thanks to their size, looks and power. When it comes down to talking about small pistols, numerous members of the gun community disagree with the idea of owning a small handgun for several reasons. Firstly, they believe that these guns are impractical, and that they do not pack enough force to actually stop someone. While this is true in some cases, the guns that we’ll be outlining in this article have more than enough power to stop an attacker, look great, and are actually quite practical, especially if you wish to conceal-carry.

Without further ado, here are some of the deadliest compact handguns available to date. Do keep in mind, this is not an ordered list, and the weapons mentioned here may or may not be more powerful than other pocket guns found elsewhere.




As the name suggests, this gun support a .380 ACP caliber, which, if shot in the right region of the body, can be lethal with ease. Perhaps one of the main advantages of this pistol consists of its extremely small size, and functionality. While it may not be the prettiest handgun on the market, it has been proven to fire most of the time. With a capacity of 6 rounds, you don’t want to get into an actual gun fight with this compact pistol, but if you’re in the wrong circumstance, it could definitely buy you some time, especially if you happen to be a skilled shooter. The pistol is also excellent for ladies who don’t wish to head around town with a holster strapped to their leg, as it can be easily kept in a purpose, and accessed whenever it’s deemed as convenient.Its white bar-dot combat sights alongside with the adjustable drift and low weight make the pistol easy to aim and use by almost anyone.